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I write today cos I’m pained! I write today cos i’m a woman who looks forward to a day I’ll have a man whom I’ll call my man! Ladies….truth be told, we are ever:caring, loving, Understanding, bearing, praying, trusting, believing, hoping and holding on but when we have had enough! We can Kill! I’m not gonna write on what hurts us_Bridget Imande gave a paraphrase although indirectly, why we allow ourselves to be hurt_Allison Hyacintho gives daily reasons on that…. But i want to just tell all the super women that will read this post to learn to let go of all hurt and not kill that man! 
He might deserve every rejection, silence, sorrow or abuse you might rain on him but just let it go! If i say place your foot in his shoe trust me it wont fit so don’t bother about that! Just let it go and let God heal you!

Man’s not hot they say but truly when a woman gets hurt and gives you a bit of it…. You’ll pull off all ’em clothing’s and know Mans hot_emotionally and psychologically!(especially). Ladies please as 2017 ends all those hurts and wounds that have refused to heal,may God heal them all so we don’t carry this omen and destroy every fresh life trying to breath around us! 
I’m not forgetting to apologise again to all those I’ve hurt in this 2017 to please forgive me, if I don’t deserve a second chance_no P! You have done your best to forgive me and that’s okay! All those who hurt me, i forgive cos I’ve done worse and was forgiven!
Cheers to 2018!




Ever looked through the content of a persons social media page or responses to comments and you you just come to the conclusion of who that person is?


So on this faithful day, I chose to wear a makeover and post on my Facebook page precisely and I got lots of mixed reactions in comments and emojis! Lots in opposition to this new kind of me and someone was bold to say to me: you look like you out from the  club gurl…. Wow! I was amazed!

Now think!

Many times we assume too easy and my take on it is…….. Assumptions are too expensive cause it takes time to let go of assumed impressions about people….

Good night😊